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Post-Secondary Education

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Carlton Trail College offers a variety of post-secondary programs that can help you achieve your career and education goals.

Our post-secondary programs are the same programs as offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and other accredited institutions. This means you will receive identical credits and certification as those offered by these institutions.

Learn in small classes from dedicated, knowledgeable instructors who have real-life industry experience. Gain practical experience and learn work-related skills in classes where the instructors know you by name and care that you develop the abilities you need to be successful….and, if you need some advice or support, you can access the many student services we provide. 

Many of our programs have work placements or practicums. This on-the-job training gives you the experience to excel in your career and make valuable contacts for future employment.

We offer programs that can link you to an interesting career in business, health care, human services, trades and technology.

We offer the following post-secondary programs...

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