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Access & Safety Protocols

The health, safety and well-being of our learning community is a priority at Carlton Trail College. As fall marks a return to our locations for staff and students, we are transitioning to welcome everyone back as safely as possible, while adhering to current public health guidelines and recommendations. This page will be updated as necessary to reflect the most up-to-date health and safety information related to College operations.

For the latest on all provincial guidelines and restrictions, visit

Student Rules and Expectations

With new learning situations and protocols starting in the fall of 2020, our goal is to provide students with details of the College's enhanced rules and expectations as we place an increased focus on our learning community's health, safety and well-being.

A 5-minute video overview, provided by Carlton Trail College's President & CEO, is also available to view.

Coming to the College

Access Details

Staff have re-integrated back into all learning locations. The majority of classes at Carlton Trail College resume on January 4, 2021. General public access is being monitored as our learning community manages new workforce and learning protocols.

Watch for changes to this information here and on our COVID-19 Information page.

Entrance Protocols and Screening

At all Carlton Trail College locations, staff, students and visitors will be asked to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the building. Students will also be asked to complete a separate, self-screening document and safety agreement prior to their program or course start. These health and safety documents will need to be periodically re-filled out by staff and students, to ensure everyone is monitoring their health status. 

Upon entering a building, you are required to sanitize your hands thoroughly at the stations set up at each entrance. Note: additional sanitizing stations are available within all College buildings. 

Movement on Campus

While at a learning location, please follow any posted signage and travel in the most direct route to and from your destination. Some corridors may ask for one-way traffic to better facilitate movement and support physical distancing. Follow floor markers, where applicable.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face Masks and Coverings

All Carlton Trail College locations are "mask expected" environments. This means that outside of program spaces that may require specific PPE to support safe work and learning, all students, staff and visitors must wear a mask. Students will be receiving information about this protocol as part of their information package(s) and will receive one branded mask to support their in-person learning experiences. Individual programs will also identify if additional PPE is required for safe work or learning purposes. 

A limited number of branded, College masks are available for purchase at the Humboldt Administrative Centre location.

Hand Sanitizer

The College has installed additional hand sanitizing stations at all locations. Please use as needed.

College Spaces


The College has adopted increased cleaning protocols to ensure that buildings are safe for students, staff and visitors. In addition to increased cleaning, high-touch surfaces will be sanitized more often throughout each day.

Test Centre

The College is a recognized regional test centre and offers exam invigilation on behalf of other post-secondary institutions, industry associations or other organizations. As protocol around how we accommodate testing has changed, please contact the College directly to make arrangements.


To reduce traffic and congestion in corridors and common-area locations, the College is not providing locker access to students for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are required to be in an in-person class, you will be expected to bring any needed materials with you. 

Classrooms, Labs and Learning Spaces

Starting this fall, the College is implementing a blended learning approach. Please note each program approach will vary, with specific instructions and guidelines communicated directly to students before classes begin.

Each classroom has been assessed to establish capacity with physically-distanced learning or work stations. All classrooms and furnishings will be arranged to support physical distancing.

Staff will ensure that safe work and learning procedures are followed, such as physical distancing and/or other protocols for when physical distancing can't be maintained within a learning space and for specialized program areas, so that risks associated with COVID-19 are mitigated.

Common Areas

Carlton Trail recognizes that there are many areas throughout the College that staff and students use as common spaces. These include lobbies, lunch rooms, mini-kitchens, microwaves and water dispensers. To reduce the potential of COVID-19 transmission, these areas will no longer be available for communal use. Access to water via the available kitchens will still be available. 

If required to be in an in-person class, students will be expected to bring their own beverages and food with them. Breaks may be taken at your learning space, outdoors (as the weather allows) or within your personal vehicle.