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Good attendance and punctuality is important for student success and are essential skills for employability. Students are responsible for their attendance and for completing course work and assignments to the satisfaction of the instructor if an absence occurs.

Attendance requirements may vary from program to program, along with the consequences for not complying with the requirements. Students will be advised of the attendance requirements at the beginning of each program or course.

If you fail to maintain acceptable attendance or if you are persistently tardy, you will be subject to disciplinary procedures and may be required to discontinue from a course or program.

Students must report absences to the instructor or other person designated by the program for this purpose. Excessive absences will be reported by the instructor or designate to the Program Manager.

In the case of an absence due to illness, you may be asked to submit medical documentation. Medical and dental appointments should be made outside of regular class hours, whenever possible.

Poor attendance may affect your ability to continue to receive funding from sources such as student loans, Provincial Training Allowance, or a program sponsor.

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