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Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Saskatchewan Training

Post-Secondary Education - Trades & Technology

Training Program

Love the thought of having control over a large piece of machinery?  The Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Training Program is offered in east-central Saskatchewan and provides the basic training for working with large pieces of equipment. 

This program provides training for working with heavy equipment in the construction industry, pipeline, oil patch, forestry or local RM. Receive specialty training on two pieces of equipment which may include: crawler tractor, excavator, front-end loader, motor grader, or motor scraper. You will receive 180 hours in-the-seat training and theory instruction. First Aid/CPR 'C' and Ground Disturbance II Certificate training are included with this program. Please call 1.800.667.2623 to find out which two pieces of equipment that training will be offered on.

Graduates may find employment operating heavy equipment in the construction, road building, pipeline, mining, forestry and other industries.

The Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program is approximately 5 weeks long.

NOTE:  You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for this program and hold a valid Class 5 Driver's Licence.  You will need to send or deliver a copy of your Class 5 Driver's Licence to our Humboldt Office in order to complete your application.  You DO NOT need to provide us with a transcript of your high school marks in order to be considered for this program.


18 Years of Age and Valid Class 5 Driver's Licence (High school transcripts are not required.)

Please call for information regarding tuition, fees, books and materials.

Program Details

Start Date:June 05, 2019
Dates & Times:

Starts June 2019


For More Information Contact Us At

306.682.2623 or 1.800.667.2623