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Welding Applied Certificate

Post-Secondary Education - Trades & Technology

Sask Polytech Applied Certificate

Are you interested in a career that requires hands-on and problem-solving skills? Consider becoming a welder!

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to weld. You’ll get hands-on instruction in general shop practice and shop safety, plus learn about oxy/acetylene fusion welding, cutting processes, gas metal arc welding (MIG), and shielded metal arch (stick) welding. You’ll also develop additional skills in the work experience component.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level job in a variety of industries.

Trade time and academic credit may be available for graduates who find employment in the trade and register as apprentices.

This program is approximately 20 weeks long.

You’ll need Grade 10 & English Language Requirement.

Funding may be available.

The following courses are offered:

COMM 127 - Fundamental Communications Skills

You will use fundamental employability skills related to obtaining and keeping a job. You will apply skills to work effectively with others and produce job-related documents. You will identify employability and practical skills to prepare effective job search materials and discuss the effect of attitudes and behaviours on a successful job search.

Credit Units: 2  Course Hours: 30.0

MATH 169 - Trade Mathematics

You will learn mathematical concepts commonly used in your trade. After reviewing basic arithmetic and basic equations, you will solve various algebra problems as applied to your trade. You will perform Imperial and Metric conversions, and calculate the perimeter, area and volume of many common shapes, as well as use Pythagorean theorem.

Credit Units: 2    Course Hours: 30

METL 100 - Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals

You will become familiar with the physical and chemical properties of commonly used metals in the welding trade. You will study the effect of the heating and cooling cycle involved in welding operations (with particular attention given to the heat-affected zone). You will also review the use of heat to correct distortion and to change the physical properties of metals, and the classification system for identifying metals.

Credit Units: 2  Course Hours: 24.0

PRNT 114 - Blueprint Interpretation

You will develop your ability to read and interpret basic welding and fabricating drawings. The course covers the basic elements of a blueprint, weld symbols, joint types, structural shapes, developing a bill of material, and using the Imperial and metric systems of measurement.

Credit Units: 2  Course Hours: 30.0

SFTY 103 - Welding Safety

Your studies will focus on general safety as it applies to the welding trade. You will learn about firefighting equipment, organize a shop for safe welding operation and safely transport and store welding supplies. You will also learn basic rigging techniques. You will study the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and be introduced to Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations.

Credit Units: 2      Course Hours: 30

WLDR 121 - Wire Feed Welding Processes Theory

You will be introduced to the wire fed welding processes. You will study the correct adjustment of parameters for safe use of wire fed welding equipment. Maintenance and troubleshooting procedures will be described.

Credit Units: 1    Course Hours: 15

WORK 113 - Work Experience

You will participate in a work placement to further your understanding of workplace employer needs. You will become familiar with the industry and gain practical experience in the welding field.

Credit Units: 0  Course Hours: 60.0

COMP 172 – Introduction to Microsoft Word & Excel

You will learn the purpose and uses of a word processor and electronic spreadsheet. You will develop the basic skills of creating, editing and formatting documents and spreadsheets.

Credit Units: 1     Course Hours: 15


INDG 100 – Intro to Indigenous Studies

You will receive an introduction to the Indigenous cultural groups within Saskatchewan. You will learn about the colonization of Indigenous peoples by the Canadian state. Your studies will help you discuss current issues and explore possible solutions.

Credit Units: 1     Course Hours: 15


WLDR 142 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding Theory

You will be introduced to the safe operation and maintenance of shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) equipment and accessories. You will examine the proper classification and application of SMAW electrodes.

Credit Units: 1    Course Hours: 15

WLDR 143 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding Shop 1

You will develop skills in welding steel in flat and horizontal positions. You will perform surface buildup and weld bead placement.

Credit Units: 4    Course Hours: 60


WLDR 144 - Oxy-Fuel Processes Theory

You will develop the knowledge required to select, set up, operate and maintain oxy-fuel welding (OFW) equipment.

Credit Units: 1    Course Hours: 15

WLDR 145 - Oxy-Fuel Processes Shop

You will set up and use oxy-fuel equipment to weld, braze and solder.

Credit Units: 2     Course Hours: 30

WLDR 146 - Oxy-Fuel and Thermal Cutting

You will use freehand and guided methods for cutting mild steel. You will perform straight cuts, bevel cuts and pierce holes in the plate. You will use a guide to do straight cuts, bevel cuts and cut circles from plate. You will perform plasma arc cutting and gouging. Air carbon arc gouging will be performed.

Credit Units: 3   Course Hours: 45

WLDR 163 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding Shop 2

You will perform welds in flat, vertical, and overhead positions using F3 and F4 electrodes. You will be introduced to open root welding.

Credit Units: 4     Course Hours 60

WLDR 164 - Wire Feed Welding Processes Shop 1

In this course you will be introduced to solid wire welding procedures such as weld sequencing, metal transfer types, weld positions and advanced waveforms on lite gauge materials. You will perform multiple pass welds using pulsed wave forms.

Credit Units: 4      Course Hours: 60

WLDR 165 - Wire Feed Welding Processes Shop 2

You will develop your abilities with solid wire GMAW in the horizontal and overhead positions. You will be introduced to flux cored, metal cored and aluminum wire feed welding processes. You will perform open root welds with solid wire in the flat and vertical positions.

Credit Units: 4       Course Hours: 60

Application Fee:$ 50.00
Total: $ 50.00

The following is an estimate and is subject to change without notice.

Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Total


$439 $4,745


Program Details

Start Date:September 05, 2023
Dates & Times:

Starts September 5, 2023


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