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3.15 - Sick Leave - Policy

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Sick Leave
Policy:              3.15
Approved:      April 1998
Reviewed:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015

This policy will facilitate fair, equitable and consistent administration of the articles in the Collective Agreement related to Sick Leave.           

3.15 - Sick Leave - Procedure

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Sick Leave
Procedure:     3.15
Approved:      April 1998
Revised:          November 1, 2015


Sick Leave refers to the period of time when an employee is absent from work by virtue of being sick or disabled or under examination or treatment of a physician, chiropractor or dentist because of an accident or illness.                                          

Medical or Dental Care Leave is an absence from work to visit medical or dental offices to receive care.

Sick Leave

Provision of the Collective Agreement

Article 15.1 covering Sick Leave states: "Sick leave, for the purpose of this section, means that period of time an employee is absent from work with full pay by virtue of being sick or disabled or under examination or treatment of a physician, chiropractor or dentist because of accident or illness for which compensation is not payable elsewhere in this Agreement."

Application of Policy

Employees are to inform their immediate supervisor normally before their starting time or as soon as possible of their need to be absent due to illness.

Notification must be sent to the appropriate in-scope or out-of-scope supervisor for approval.

Employees may be required to provide a medical certificate signed by the attending physician for any illness which results in an absence.  Such certificates will identify the employee's name, the date and time they were seen by the physician and state the period during which the employee is unable to be at work. Additional documentation may be required depending on the circumstances of the employee on leave.

All information regarding sick leave entitlement is contained within the Collective Agreement.

Leave for Medical/Dental Care

Provision of the Collective Agreement

Article 15.9 covering medical and dental care states: "The College will continue the existing discretionary practice of granting short term leave with pay for the purposes of required visits to medical and dental offices.  Any such absence of one-half (1/2) day or more shall be deducted from accumulated sick leave credits.  On request, employees will be required to show proof of medical and dental care."

Application of Policy

Short-term leave with pay for the purpose of attending required visits to medical/dental offices during Carlton Trail College office hours must be authorized in advance by an employee's in-scope supervisor.

Such visits must be for one of the following reasons:

  • medical assessment and/or treatment
  • dental assessment and/or treatment
  • ophthalmic assessment and/or treatment
  • specialized assessment and/or treatment
  • referral to a specialist
  • treatments required for a specific treatment plan must be for a specific diagnosis of illness or condition and must be supported with documentation from the physician/dentist/ophthalmologist/specialist

In all situations, there is an expectation that the employee make every reasonable effort to schedule appointments outside of regular working hours.

In certain individual situations, limits may be placed on the number of occurrences allowed per year and the employee may be asked to provide medical documentation.

Leave for Family Member Medical/Dental Care

An employee's absence to take a member of the employee's immediate family to medical or dental offices would qualify for leave.  If it is as a result of an unforeseen or unusual circumstances or an emergency, it would result in pressing necessity.