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3.17 - Performance Evaluation - Policy

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Performance Evaluation
Policy:              3.17
Approved:      April 9, 1984
Reviewed:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015

In addition to the probationary performance evaluation period specified in the Collective Agreement, all personnel shall have their performance reviewed annually by their direct supervisor.

All evaluation periods shall be based on the College fiscal year and shall be completed on or prior to June 30th, of each year.

All completed evaluations will be reviewed by the President and CEO.       

3.17 - Performance Evaluation - Procedure

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Performance Evaluation
Procedure:     3.17
Approved:      March 16, 2004
Reviewed:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015


Carlton Trail College has adopted this procedure to ensure that all staff members are provided with accurate and appropriate feedback regarding their performance within the organization.  By utilizing a performance management system the College will work with its employees to ensure organizational objectives are met through the achievement of individual performance goals and objectives.

All employees and management staff will be subject to annual performance reviews. Performance reviews will be benchmarked against previously determined goals and objectives for the position. 


This procedure applies to the College, all its in and out-of-scope employees at all times and without exception.

General Guidelines

The College values its workforce and will endeavour to aid in employee achievement of professional goals and objectives. Performance management will be utilized as a tool to help ensure the alignment of individual performance goals with that of the strategic direction of the organization through the use of collaborative performance planning, coaching and feedback, and yearly performance reviews.

The College requires that all employees and supervisors take part in the performance management process with records of individual performance plans and reviews to be discussed and kept on file for each staff member.

This procedure will:

  • Outline the various steps in the performance management process.
  • Provide recommended timelines for performance management administration.
  • Detail individual responsibilities.
  • Provide information on the complaint and grievance process.
  • Discuss performance management confidentiality.

The Performance Management Process

Performance management is on-going and cyclical in nature with the process being broken down into three interrelated phases of planning, coaching/feedback and review.


The College supervisors will review each of their employee’s job duties and requirements in order to identify key areas of responsibility. Areas of responsibility will be utilized to aid the supervisor in creating individual performance plans for each employee.

Each employee will have a performance plan created with them within designated timeframes based upon prior performance, length of time with the organization, length of time with the department and recent promotions or significant changes in duties and responsibilities. 

Each Performance Plan will include the following information:

  • a set of specific goals and objectives for achieving the requirements of the job
  • an action plan or outline of how these goals or objectives will be met; this may include plans for training and development
  • a time-frame for when goals or objectives should be met by the employee
  • additional comments and areas of concern or anticipated restraints

The performance plan will be reviewed by the employee with their supervisor to discuss the goals and objectives that have been established. The performance plan will be utilized to not only establish performance objectives but will also act as a benchmark again which actual performance can be measured and dated.

Following a discussion of its contents the performance plan shall be signed by the supervisor indicating that the employee has been given a copy and that a copy of the plan has been placed in the employee’s file. These plans are changeable and can be amended throughout the course of the performance review period.

Coaching and Feedback

Coaching will be continually utilized by supervisors throughout the performance review period. The coaching period will consist of informal and formal feedback being provided to the employee directly pertaining to the progress of the individual towards their established goals and objectives.

At a minimum formal feedback sessions will be scheduled for each employee at the mid-point range of the performance review period, or as required, based upon the individual’s performance and length of time with the organization and within the department. The formal feedback session is conducted to allow for discussion of the employee’s progression towards the established goals and objectives. At this point, performance concerns may be formally addressed and documented and the performance plan may be formally altered.


At the conclusion of the performance review period all supervisors will be required to schedule time with each of their employees to conduct a year end or period ending performance review.  Prior to the scheduled performance review meeting supervisors will complete a performance review for each employee based upon the individual’s established goals and objectives. The employee will be given the opportunity to review the performance review and add any additional comments they feel necessary.

The performance review meeting will consist of:

  • a full review and discussion of the individual’s performance in the review period based upon the goals and objectives established in the performance plan
  • a full review and discussion of the individual’s performance review
  • the establishment or amendment of the employee’s performance plan for the upcoming performance review period

The supervisor will be required to sign and date both the annual review and the newly created performance plan indicating that the employee has been given a copy of each and that a copy of each has been placed in the employee’s file.

Timelines for Performance Management Administration

The following timelines should be adhered to when administering employee performance plans and feedback meetings:

  • Performance plans should be created or updated yearly and at the end of the performance review period for each employee who is no longer considered probationary and is not exhibiting any performance problems. Employees in this category must also have at least one formal feedback meeting with their supervisor.
  • New, probationary employees should have a performance plan created for them within their first week of employment. A formal review should be held at the end of the probationary period or earlier if the employee is exhibiting performance problems.
  • Employees who have been promoted, have changed departments, or have had their duties or responsibilities significantly changed should have a performance plan created within the first week of their new position. A formal feedback meeting should be scheduled within the first three months so that performance and progression towards established goals and objectives may be assessed within the new role.


Carlton Trail College will:

  • provide a performance management process that is fair and transparent
  • provide the tools and forms necessary to facilitate the performance management process
  • provide training and guidance to supervisors and employees on the performance management process

Supervisors will:

  • work with their employees to ensure fair and attainable performance goals and objectives are established
  • create performance plans for their employees within the specified timeframes
  • provide ongoing feedback to employees in the form of coaching and formal feedback meetings
  • accurately report and document performance observations
  • conduct performance reviews utilizing performance review forms and conducting review meetings
  • utilize the proper forms and documentation provided by the College in order to facilitate the performance management process
  • attend performance management training as required

Employees will:

  • work with direct supervisors to provide input in the creation of individual employee performance plans and reviews
  • complete and submit required performance review forms within the specified time period and to the appropriate party
  • attend performance management training as required

Complaint and Grievance Process

Employees who feel they have been subject to an unfair performance review or who believe their performance plans to be out of the scope of their normal duties and responsibilities should forward a request for review to the College’s Human Resources Department.

Upon receiving a request, the issue will be reviewed and if necessary, a formal investigation will be conducted, which could include a formal review of any performance management forms submitted, review of previous performance plans and reviews, interviews with the employee and the supervisor and an investigation into current and past performance. 


All information including performance management forms and discussions in performance management meetings will be kept strictly confidential. All forms utilized for the performance management process will be signed and kept on the employee’s file.