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3.24 - Jury or Witness Duty - Policy

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Jury or Witness Duty
Policy:              3.24
Approved:      March 21, 2006
Revised:          November 1, 2015

The College will follow 17.1.5 of the Collective Agreement which states "Court Duty Leave An employee shall be granted leave of absence with pay for leave resulting from or associated with being summoned to serve on a jury or being subpoenaed as a witness in civil or criminal proceedings. If required by the supervisor, the employee shall produce a summons or subpoena or submit other evidence to show the necessity of attendance at court. In all cases of absences, the employee will assign any fees received to the Employer."                  

3.24 - Jury or Witness Duty - Procedure

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Jury or Witness Duty
Procedure:     3.24
Approved:      March 21, 2006
Revised:          November 1, 2015

An employee called to jury duty or subpoenaed to appear in court shall be granted leave with pay once the employee has provided the VP Administration with a copy of the juror summons or witness subpoena as provided by the Sheriff's Office. Within thirty calendar days of the employee returning to the workplace, the employee will provide the VP Administration with documentation outlining the amount of compensation received for service to the Court (other than amounts received for travelling or living expenses) and documentation confirming remittance of that amount to Carlton Trail College.