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3.26 - Continuation of Leadership - Policy

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Continuation of Leadership
Policy:              3.26
Approved:      December 18, 2007
Revised:          April 26, 2016

The President and CEO shall ensure the uninterrupted administrative leadership of the College.  

1.  The President and CEO shall ensure communications are maintained when out of the office on a short-term basis for College business as follows:

  • The Executive Assistants/Administrative Assistant and Board Chair will be provided with a regular schedule of the President and CEO.
  • The President and CEO will provide the Executive Assistants/Administrative Assistant a travel itinerary and contact information.

2.  An Acting CEO shall be appointed under any of the following conditions:

  • During periods of out-of-province travel by the President and CEO exceeding 3 week days
  • Vacation time exceeding 3 week days
  • Sick leave exceeding 3 week days (including long-term disability).

3.  The following conditions will apply to the appointment of the Acting CEO:

  • The President and CEO shall appoint one of the VPs as Acting CEO.
  • The Acting CEO shall receive TPHD for assignments of a minimum of one month uninterrupted or at the discretion of the Board.
  • Notice of the appointment of the Acting CEO shall be provided to the Board of Directors by telephone and/or email.
  • Communication of the appointment of the Acting CEO shall be provided to College staff and stakeholders as determined by the President and CEO or Board Chair and/or Acting CEO.
  • The Acting CEO may be granted signing authority in cases of extended leave and upon resolution of the Board of Directors, plus notice to the College's financial institution. 

4.  In unforeseen circumstances, the President and CEO Succession Plan (Procedure 3.26) shall be followed.                

3.26 - Continuation of Leadership - Procedure

Section:           Human Resources
Subject:           Continuation of Leadership
Procedure:     3.26
Approved:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015
CEO Succession Plan

1. Permanent President and CEO will compile a list of documents including President and CEO job description, Board Continuous Agenda, Organizational Chart and specific operational activities that might be anticipated in any given six month time frame. A copy of this compilation will be provided to each VP as well as listed below.

2. Acting CEO Protocol: Carlton Trail College will continue to use Executive Team members to serve as Acting CEO whenever the permanent President and CEO is on vacation or away from the College for any significant length of time. The rotation among Executive Team members will be VP Finance, VP Administration and VP Academic with the VP Administration being the next to serve as of September 10, 2014.

3. In the event of an unforeseen need for an Acting CEO, the Executive Team member whose turn it is in the rotation, will immediately assume this position and advise the Board and staff accordingly, with or without direction from the permanent President and CEO.

4. If the permanent President and CEO were to be unable to fulfill his or her duties, for whatever reason, the Acting CEO would assume responsibility immediately and, if the situation appeared to be longer term or permanent, the Board would work with the Acting CEO while it determined whether to hire an Interim CEO who would stay in place until a new Permanent President and CEO could be hired or whether to proceed directly to recruitment of a new Permanent President and CEO.

5. The Acting CEO at the time may or may not choose to compete (against other internal and external candidates) for the Permanent President and CEO position.

President and CEO Succession Plan Materials

  • Continuation of leadership – Policy 3.26 and Procedure 3.26
  • President and CEO job description
  • Board continuous agenda
  • President and CEO evaluation – Policy and Procedure 1.21
  • Organizational chart

The following is a general list of operational activities for consideration by the Acting/Interim/New President and CEO:

  • In collaboration with the Board Chair, prepare agendas for all Board meetings and undertake to oversee all follow-up arising from Board meetings.
  • In collaboration with the Board Chair, serve as spokesperson for the College.
  • Attend and report at all Board meetings.
  • Attend CEO Council meetings.
  • Attend meetings at the request of the Ministries of Advanced Education and The Economy.
  • Attend meetings of the International Minerals Innovation Institute (education sector).
  • Attend meetings of the Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Technical Institute Council.
  • Oversee the work of all direct reports.
  • Oversee all Marketing and Communications initiatives.
  • Provide College leadership through the Executive Team.
  • Attend Monday morning standing coffee meetings.
  • Chair Monday morning Executive Team meetings.
  • Approve variance reports and expense claims for all direct reports.
  • Manage all correspondence directed through the Board and office of the President and CEO.
  • Serve as signing authority for Carlton Trail College.
  • Sign cheques as required.