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2020 Carlton Trail College Student Awards

Safely Celebrating Student Achievement

Although we were unable to come together in person to acknowledge our 2020 student award recipients, that hasn't stopped us from recognizing our many learners, donors and partners who help make this program possible - thank you - and congratulations!

Video Acknowledgements

The Honourable Gene Makowsky, Minister of Advanced Education,
Province of Saskatchewan


Shelley Romanyszyn-Cross, President and CEO, Carlton Trail College


2020 Student Award Recipients

Student Award Recipients

Congratulations to all our 2020 scholarship and bursary recipients!

Donors and Supporters

Student awards are made possible through the generous contributions provided by our donors. We also acknowledge financial support provided by the Government of Saskatchewan through the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship Program, which matches funds raised by post-secondary institutions.

Discover why our donors choose to support student success at Carlton Trail College!


The Walker Wood Foundation is dedicated to the funding of post-secondary education to candidates who have a high academic standing, demonstrated leadership or similar qualities and whom might have otherwise found it difficult to afford further education.

Congratulations to all student recipients - your achievement is a testament to your dedication and perseverance - take a moment to enjoy it!

Carlton Trail College employees are fortunate to see, first-hand, the benefits of lifelong learning! Encouraging independence, confidence and student success through our student awards program supports our broader goal of connecting individuals to valuable career or further education options.


We wish all student recipients continued success in their academic, career and life goals.


Congratulations! Bourgault Industries provides an award each year because we believe in the importance of supporting local communities and individuals. Providing this award to a student in the welding trade is especially important to us, because skilled welders are essential for the success of our business. At Bourgault, our motto is “pursuing perfection” and we hope that is something you can strive for throughout your welding career as well! Congratulations and best wishes.

Education, in every sense, is one of the fundamental factors of development. No community can achieve sustainable economic development without a substantial investment in human capital. Education raises productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship. To all award recipients, it is with great pleasure that Mayor, Council and Administration extend our warmest congratulations to you. You deserve to be recognized for your dedication to your studies and your hard work to achieve your goals. We wish that you continue to be a “first-rate” version of yourself from this day forward.

We are pleased to help hard-working, dedicated students within our region achieve their goals - congratulations!

I am glad to support a Carlton Trail College student to support the learning of someone who will be working in the office and accounting field of business.

We believe that supporting people in the development of manufacturing skills is critical to our community, our economy, our customers and our company. We’re proud to provide that support in partnership with Carlton Trail College and the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship program.

Humboldt Co-op currently employs several regional students and we take pride in being able to provide a positive working experience for many youth in our trading area. For many of our students, this is their first job opportunity. We are able to teach them our values - Excellence, Teamwork and Integrity - while providing excellent customer experiences with co-workers and guests. The values that we teach today will help shape them into our Leaders of Tomorrow. We're pleased our support helps provide post-secondary students that have worked for the Humboldt Co-op some financial assistance in achieving their future career goals.

Supporting student achievement builds stronger communities and we are pleased to help provide a scholarship in partnership with Carlton Trail College to strengthen and build our region.

Michel’s has always been a strong supporter of Carlton Trail College and everything they do to bring needed skilled trades to the work place. It is an honor each year to support both Carlton Trail and a student who has excelled in one of our preferred programs and reward them for the hard work they have done.

We live where you live, work where you work and help grow our regional economy, together. We are your neighbours and are proud to make meaningful investments in the communities we share and in the people that will help our region thrive!

Olymel is committed to assisting students in their educational careers as we believe it is important to support future workers and help our local economy grow with the talent that comes out of our local College.

We are committed to helping better the lives of our members, neighbours and communities. Congratulations to our student recipient - we wish her all our best in her continued education!

Schulte Industries is proud to be a sponsor of the Carlton Trail College student scholarship program. It is a great benefit for the recipient, as well as our company, as we have had the opportunity to work with some of these students first hand and have supported this program for several years. The manufacturing sector that we are in is a key employer in the area and there is a great need for the welding program we provide a scholarship for.

At Tremblay Electric, we are proud to support local students that are passionate about advancing in the trades. The future of our business depends on motivated individuals, like those graduating from Carlton Trail College, that are committed to hard work. It takes hard work and commitment to develop and enhance the skillset required for a long-term, rewarding career and those are the kind of people we want on our team.


The Flaman team is driven by our mission statement of 'People together, doing what’s right, making a difference' and supporting a Carlton Trail College student with a scholarship is something that Flaman is proud to be able to do! We take pride in the fact that we are a business that believes in giving back to the communities that support us. Congratulations to our scholarship recipient - we know that she will pay it forward and use her education to 'make a difference'!

Congratulations to our student recipient - we believe in supporting students as they look towards the future.


Numerous individuals committed to supporting student achivement.