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4.8 - Student Information System - Policy

Section:           Operations
Subject:           Student Information System
Policy:              4.8
Approved:      March 18, 2003
Reviewed:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015

Carlton Trail College shall use an automated Student Information System (SIS) for the purposes of administering programs and services.

The College will use internal procedures that ensure the accuracy and currency of data.  The SIS design shall enable data input by regional office staff and incorporate mechanisms to validate data quality.      

4.8 - Student Information System - Procedure

Section:           Operations
Subject:           Student Information System
Procedure:     4.8
Approved:      March 18, 2003
Reviewed:      May 21, 2013
Revised:          November 1, 2015

Business Rules

Programs and Services Classification

The following business rules are for use internally within Carlton Trail College to further clarify the classification process.

In determining the primary classification of an activity, whether a program or service, refer initially to Saskatchewan Regional Colleges - SIS Program Definitions.  Within the "services" program area and "learner support" program type, an additional service category has been created:

Community & Organization Service: a service in which the college engages in promotional activity or provides communities or organizations with information about programs and services available to them.

Distinguishing features of programs and services include:

  • a program has an academic focus and is instructor-led; whereas a service has a clerical (support) focus, notwithstanding the above "Community & Organization Services definition, and is facilitator-led
  • participant hours must be able to be calculated for either, but if not, the activity is a service
  • a "tuition" may be charged to a participant in a program, whereas "tuition" is not applicable to a service
  • If no participant list exists, the activity is a service

Factors that do not impact classification include:

  • a fee or no fee is charged
  • the College receives or does not receive revenue
  • the College partners with another organization to deliver the event
  • a class list is generated

Using the above guidelines, program staff have the authority to enter activities.  As per usual practice, a quality control mechanism must be in place.  The Executive Secretary will have the authority and responsibility to validate entries.